High Lights:

  • Industrial grade 4k UV light engine
  • UV LED Light source
  • Uniform Intensity
  • Energy correction module
  • 24 hours 7 days working
  • Bottom Up DLP 3d printer
  • Tilting separation
  • High speed, High volume
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BJ10, is an industrial grade 3d printer, presenting very large printing size, very high precision and very high surface smoothness. This model is a premium machine for jewelers, that can have both high precision and large size simultaneously. Using many years’ experience and unique science and several technical upgrades, BJ10 is optimized jewelers. Weight stability of printed parts and non-stop working of BJ10 is confirmed by the customers.

BJ10, uses an industrial light engine with amazing 4k (3840*2160) resolution which is the highest possible resolution right now and is specifically designed for jewelry industry. The light source is a uv led module with stable output during printing process and with a long service life. Automated intensity correction, using an internal light sensor and software based algorithms, results stable light intensity for each print during service life.

BJ10, with very large size (207.3*116.64) printing size, and high precision and quality, is suitable for large workshops. Optical design of the light engine and software based operations like masking each layer, guarantees the uniform intensity of each pixel on the whole working area. There is No NEED for calibration before each print.

BJ10, supports 25,35,50 and 100 micron layer sizes with high very high precision (1.25 micron).  Also using gray scaling techniques, reduces stair stepping effect. BJ9 also uses a tilting mechanism to perform a smooth and easy separation of each layer.

BJ10, is a Bottom-Up 3d printers, which can be started with lowest amount of resin (200 gram).